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Awaken to your Authentic Life!

Live life with joy, passion and meaning

You followed the rules. You played the game. As a professional entrepreneurial-minded woman, you have given your all to everyone and everything – reaching society’s definition of success in your relationships, career, health and contribution to our world.

Still…after all the focus, hard work, accomplishments, connections and recognition, you wonder: ...continue reading

  • Is being successful in business “all there is”?
  • How can I reconnect to MY life and what brings me meaning and fulfillment?
  • Where is the thrill? Nothing seems enjoyable anymore.
  • So I’ve accomplished. Now what?
  • Did I take a wrong turn somewhere? I don’t feel like I’m making the impact I once set out to do.

It’s time to create your own definition of success, not one determined by society. As a high-achieving professional, it is not uncommon to get caught up in the “illusion of fulfillment”. What once brought you joy and contributed to your success no longer exists. You now realize that the greatest toll of “keeping it all together” has been on you.

It’s your time.

A renewed passion for life is calling your name. Wouldn’t you enjoy nothing more than waking up each day excited about what is in store for you, living authentically, and creating a life YOU choose? Then you are in the right place.

My name is Elizabeth Roberts, life coach, consultant and guide for women like you who are seeking alignment with what brings you inner joy and peace, while also appreciating your driven nature and the ongoing accomplishment you find deeply meaningful.

My programs and products are designed to accommodate the intention, plan and time commitment that serves your learning and goals best. From online self-paced self-discovery models or group coaching to one-on-one personal coaching with me, you can count on quality materials and content.

Whether you are eager to gain clarity about what is inhibiting your best self or are intrigued with what you will discover about yourself while designing your personalized game plan for life, let’s get started!

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Be true to yourself. Discover…or rediscover…your authentic life



I read your book this weekend and have to share the perfect timing of this. I read the book Friday night, and left the next day for a weekend away with a group of 10 women. Some of the women I knew and some I met for the first time. We all sat around and talked for much of our time together. There was a lot of excitement, sharing, loving, and beautiful openness. The group was all different ages, and live in all different locations. I found myself truly making an effort to listen to each perso…
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